Fakhar Femme Gold 100 ml Eau de Parfum

Fakhar Femme Gold 100 ml Eau de Parfum

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Lattafa Fakhar Femme Gold – the latest and most anticipated addition to the world of Arabic fragrances in 2023, introduces us to the charming charm of the Arabic essence and an exclusive combination of notes.

At its heart lies a masterful blend of vetiver and cedar, two ingredients renowned for their earthy richness and grounding qualities. These elements combine to create a solid foundation that anchors the fragrance with a sense of depth and authenticity. This base is complemented by exquisite notes of Tonka bean and amber. Tonka beans provide a warm and inviting sweetness, imbuing the scent with comfort and luxury. Amber, on the other hand, lends a sense of mystery and sophistication, adding layers of complexity to the overall composition.

Fakhar Femme Gold truly distinguishes a masterful interplay of various aspects. Fresh, citrusy elements dance harmoniously with sharper notes, creating a dynamic symphony that unfolds on the skin. The initial burst of freshness awakens the senses, and the gradual appearance of more savory shades adds intrigue and charm.

This charming transformation ensures that the fragrance remains captivating from the first spray to the last lingering notes. Fakhar Gold is not just an aroma, it is an experience that evokes the beauty of the Arabian landscape, the warmth of culture and the charm of history. With a harmonious blend of vetiver, cedar, tonka bean and amberwood, it fuses the essence of Arabia in a bottle and invites you to embark on a fascinating olfactory journey that is both refreshing and intriguing.